Dermal Exam Worksheet – POD-2050


DocuForms’ POD-2050 Dermal Worksheet saves you the trouble of writing something out in situations when using diagrams will be clearer, faster and easier.

Among other uses, you can use these multipurpose worksheets for patient education, surgical consents and medical records.

250 double-sided forms per package.

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DocuForms’ POD-2050 Dermal Worksheet.

Why write something out when using diagrams is clearer, faster and easier. These are just a few uses for this multipurpose worksheet in your practice: Patient Education / Screenings

Explaining a patient’s condition and proposed treatment plan as well as creating a written record of what was covered.

Surgical Consents

All surgical consent forms should contain a diagram of procedures planned. This can be accomplished on these forms. For simple procedures, the written part of the consent can be done on the forms using the writing lines provided at the bottom of the page. If you are using standalone consent forms, these detailed diagrams can be included with them.

Medical Records

Use these forms when the illustrations on the other forms are too limited in size to document details. such ulcer features or location of pain or cellulitis that travels up the leg. Document injection sites when they are to close in proximity to easily identify the location on smaller views and too combersome to describe in a narrative-style note.

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