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DocuForms’ Podiatric Heel Pain Follow-up Report, POD-3080 allows you to document two follow-up visits for heel pain on just one sheet. Intended to document follow-up treatment that were initially documented on a 3070 Heel Pain Report, the 3080 allows you to report compliance with the instructions you gave to the patient, and to determine whether the patient feels the treatment helped.

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Document Two Follow-up Visits For Heel Pain Treatment On Just One Sheet DocuForms’ Podiatric Heel Pain Follow-up Report, POD-3080, is for documenting follow-up treatment to heel pain care initially documented on a POD-3070.

At the top of the form, the subjective section begins with a summary of the treatment provided at the previous visit, plus the patient’s reported compliance to the instructions given. Did the patient get or wear the shoes you recommended? Did they wear their orthotics? Does the patient feel the treatment helped? What is the level of their current pain?

This is recorded on the same 0-4 scale as used during the initial visit, to get a relative assessment of the pain between visits. The Objective section for your findings by physical examination allows you to record your opinion of the pain based on palpation. Your physical exam of the heel may provide information that varies from your patient’s self-assessment.

The Assesment and Procedure/Plan sections closely follow the format of the POD-3070, allowing you to quickly document your work along with the Rx/Drugs and supplised used during the follow-up visit. You’ll enjoy the convenience of using these two new forms together.

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